Kitty and Gunnery had a litter of cockapoo puppies born 2-3-17.
Ready to go 3-31-17.

Kitty is a 26 lb. multi generational cockapoo with a poodle daddy, and Gunnery is a 20 lb. F1 cockapoo.

All of these pups look like they will have non-shed wavy fleece coats except for one female that looks like she will have a more curly coat.

They have nice looking blocky heads, and full coats. There are champion AKC American Cocker Spaniel lines on both sides of the pedigree. Both sides have red and apricot mini size AKC Poodles.

Pictures are at 6 and 7 wks. Growing more adorable each and every day.
A BIG thank you to all of my new clients! Keep in touch! :)
Taffy is a cute red female cockapoo. Such a sweetie! She is the quiet one of the bunch, but she is very friendly. She is so adorable! I love her sweet little puppy ways.
On hold for the Kinkade family - Female $1850
Tyson is a red male with white markings. Beautiful wavy, silky coat. Pick of the litter pup.
He is spunky and fun. He will want to be part of everything you do!
On hold for the Rad family - Male -$1650

Tippi is an apricot cockapoo female with white markings. Her color is variegated making her look even more curly. She is the smallest.  Playful and also likes to cuddle. She will be a constant shadow to the person she owns! She has a great showy attitude.

On hold for Brad - Female - $1750

Tobi is a deep chili red male cockapoo with white markings. He is the only puppy in this litter with his tail docked. He was born with a kink at the end, so we decided on tail docking. He is calm and laid back.

On hold for the Lucky family - Male - $1650

Tyra is a deep red female cockapoo with white markings. She is the queen bee, and the cat's meow! She is independent, and very sweet!
On hold for Lisa - Female - $1850

Teddy is an apricot male cockapoo with white markings. He is a sweet heart, and has a lot of white markings.
On hold for the Snyder family - Male - $1650 

Talya is a beautiful mahogany red female cockapoo with no white markings. Beautiful coat, and just a nicely put together pup! She is a very sweet, playful and extremely friendly puppy! She is going to want to be your constant companion.

On hold for Catherine - $1850