New Cockapoo Puppies!

Faith and Gunnery's puppies born Dec. 27 and ready to go home 2-21-18.

Pictures for week 6.5, and 7 posted below. Only one puppy still available in this litter. Contact me if you don't see exactly what you are looking for.

Parents are both non-shed cockapoos. Faith, the mom has a non-shed curly coat because she is a multi generational F3b cockapoo. Gunnery has a non-shed wavy coat, and is a F1 cockapoo. This means the puppies are multi generational with a slightly higher poodle influence for hypoallergenic coats, and enhanced trainability.  

Faith's puppies are always non-shed/hypoallergenic and gorgeous! Cockapoos are usually much nicer looking full grown, that is if they are bred well. But I must admit these puppies are pretty cute. Getting better looking each day, and to know them is to love them! 

These pups should mature to the 16 to 23 lb. range.

Isabella is the smallest puppy in her litter. She is a beautiful  strawberry buff with a short muzzle and wavy coat. Aprox. 14 - 19 lbs. full grown.

On hold for Nicole 

She is going to be a little sister to Chewbacca, a former pokagon cockapoos puppy!

Nina is that beautiful mahogany red color that catches your eye. Her sweet ways will hold you captive!

Beautiful stocky build and she has a white blaze on her chest. Wavy coat. I have a feeling that she will be the queen of her new home when she finds that special someone! 

19 - 24 lbs. full grown.

On hold

Angus is a handsome puppy. He is red/apricot. He is very healthy, and adorable. He is the smallest male in the litter. He has a very alert and interested attitude already. This little pup will be very playful! 

17 - 22 lbs. full grown.

Angus is Available 

Ferdinand has several of those fancy white markings. He is a well built red cutie with a very nice wavy coat.

He is such a sweet heart, and already loves to cuddle!

 Aprox. 19 - 24 lbs. full grown. 

On hold for Jen 

Guapo is a handsome puppy! He is solid dark red. His coat is going to be more curly like the poodle side of the family. He is one of the smaller pups in the litter.  Smart and handsome all at the same time! 

Aprox. 18 - 23 lbs. full grown.

On hold for martin 

Maquina is another pup that has several white markings. He has a curly apricot coat, and looks a lot like his lovely momma. Aprox. 19 - 24 lbs. full grown. 

On hold for Brandon

Valiente is a sweet red male. He's pretty chill, and laid back. I look in on the  pups and there's three little pups with their heads resting on his back! 

He has a wavy coat and a white blaze on his chest. Mild mannered, and has that perfectly adorable cockapoo face!  19 - 24 lbs full grown.

On hold for Emily N.