Charity and Gunnery welcomed a beautiful, healthy litter of cockapoo puppies on 5-25-17. Ready to go home at 8 weeks, on 7-20-17.

Her pregnancy was unplanned for this summer, but the babies are certainly very lovely, and she is doing great! Gunnery is our handsome red f1 cockapoo, and Charity is my darling red multi gen. cockapoo. 

We update pictures every week so you can see the progress of the growing puppies. Up to date with new 7 week old pics! All of Charity's puppies are spoken for. (Thanks to everyone for the 'gone home pics!' Keep 'em coming!) Thanks to everyone for 100% cooperation with sending pics! This was fun!

River is at home in Michigan with his new bestie! 

River is an apricot male. He has a liver colored nose, and may have green or hazel eyes.

On hold for the David family - $1650

Ryleigh made it safely home in New Jersey! She is a happy girl!

Ryleigh is a beautiful red female. 

On hold for the Moorman family - $1850


He is home now in sunny California with lots of new, loving playmates!

Rajah is a handsome red male. He has a white diamond on his forehead.

On hold for Calandra family - $1650

Angela says that Rory (now Penny) loves to play in her new home in Michigan!

Rory is a very lovely red female. She has a touch of white on her toes.

On hold for Angela - $1850

Ricco is getting lots of love in Chicago! 

"Hi Kenetha!

Thank you for checking in. He's doing great - very well behaved and settling in nicely. Will keep you updated with pictures. Thanks again!



Hi Kenetha,

 Hope you are doing well. Just wanted to check in and give you an update on Leo (formerly Rico). We love having him and have been impressed with how smart and well-behaved he is. He is getting big and now weighs around 12 pounds. Apologize for not having some more pics to send as I am at work, but I promise to send some over to you soon!

Rico is our cute apricot tuxedo male.

On hold for Max - $1750

Raven is being spoiled in her new home right here in Indiana!

Raven is our pretty red female.

Adopted - $1850

I love this picture of Russell with his new family! He even got a big sister cockapoo along with a very sweet little family!

Russell is a sweet dark red little male. 

On hold for Zach - $1650