Beluga and Sudoku's cockapoo pups were born December 7, 2017. They will be ready to go February 1, 2018. 

New pics are week 6 1/2. These pups are simply lovely!

Vet visit went great. All the pups got their shots and were checked thoroughly. 

Beluga surprised us with some adorable parti colored pups this time! Parti is fun because they are so unique and are said to have the best temperaments.

These pups are from multi generational cockapoo parents with excellent temperaments. Both parents are F4b multi generational cockapoos with a slightly higher percentage of poodle in their lines. Dad's coat is more curly, and mom's coat looks more like a F1 cockapoo. Both parents have non-shed coats.  

Beautiful non-shed coats on these pups along with those adorable short muzzles for the teddy bear look. These babies will melt your heart!  

Ernesto is the largest male in this litter. He has a red and white parti wavy coat. 

He should be about 20 - 25 lbs. full grown.

(His nose will darken soon. It is already starting on one side.)

On hold for the Chirapatsakul family - $1450

Coco is the only female in this litter. She is a beautiful red/apricot color! She will have a beautiful wavy coat. 

She should be about 15 to 20 lbs. full grown. 

On hold for the Dahle family - $1850

Dante is a sweet little red and white male with a wavy coat. 

What a sweet little fella. 

He should be about 18 - 23 lbs. full grown.

(His nose will continue to darken to black.)

On hold for Martin 

Hector is red and white. He has a very nice wavy coat. He appears to be developing a red freckle above his other eye, so he may eventually have an eyebrow. So cute!

He is small, but built like a tank. His tail is always wagging!

He should be about 14 - 19 lbs. full grown.

On hold for Denise - $1250

Mariachi was the first puppy to be born. He is red and white with a curly, fluffy coat. 

He should be about 18 - 23 lbs. full grown.

(His nose color will continue to darken, but it will be brown since he carries the chocolate gene.)

On hold for the Stark family - $1250 

Miguel is a red tuxedo male with a curly coat. This dark red boy is so cute. 

He should be about 19 - 24 lbs. full grown.

On hold for the Elefante family 

- $1750

Here they are sleeping in their momma's bed. I'm loving this litter because I absolutely adore red parti colored cockapoos! 

Beluga is devoted to them. She's a great momma! Group pic on Christmas day!