Available cockapoo puppies from Charity and Gunnery. 

Charity had a beautiful new litter on 1-20-18. They will be ready to go home on March 17, 2018. 

These babies are just as lovely as her previous litter was! Beautiful roll polly puppies with plush teddy faces!

Charity is a very doting, loving mother. Between me and momma Charity, these pups are very well cared for!

Puppies pictured at 4 weeks of age. We try to post pictures every week so you can watch your baby grow!

Mom is multi generational f3b cockapoo, and dad is a f1 cockapoo. Both parents are from AKC champion lines. Beautiful full coats on every pup. All are fleece (long hypoallergenic/non-shed) coats. Wavy to loose curls. These pups should hold their colors very well as they mature. All of the pups have black noses. The nose color is still filling in on the ones with more white hair around the muzzle. Pups are born with flesh colored noses, and they darken over time.

Elizabeth is a queenly wavy dark red female cockapoo. She has no white markings!

Available- $2050

King George is a curly red male cockapoo. He is pure sweetness!

Available - $1850

Prince Henry is a wavy red tuxedo marked cockapoo puppy. (Sometimes it takes a bit longer for the noses to blacken in on the pups with white markings around their muzzle.) On hold for the Sukiasyan family

John is a curly apricot tuxedo male cockapoo. Such a handsome cockapoo! 

Available - $1850

Queen Victoria is a wavy dark red female cockapoo. Beautiful, deluxe luxurious coat. She is the smallest puppy in her litter.

Available - $2050

William is a dark red wavy male cockapoo.

Very sweet and cuddly!

Available - $1850