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We live in eastern Texas near a town called Center, Texas.

We specialize in well bred cockapoo puppies. All of our cockapoo puppies are ACC registered. Our parent dogs have AKC pedigrees. There are some AKC champions in the pedigree, but our focus is on health and temperament.

We want the best for our puppies, and we raise them up gently with training and socialization to give them the best start they need for their new forever homes!

All of our puppies are thoroughly checked by our vet, and up to date on shots and parasite control. Our vet sees puppies twice before we release them.

Our pups are cleared for PRA-prcd, PFK, and patella through parentage. We have done our homework to give you the peace of mind for a puppy with a long healthy life so you can focus on preparing for your puppy with joy and great expectation!

We ask that you would be able to drive/fly to us here in east Texas (Shreveport, Louisiana is the nearest airport) to pick up your new bundle of joy when the pup is eight weeks of age. We have withdrawn our shipping option after hearing of mistreatment to animals at the airport. Sorry if this inconveniences anyone, but I'm just not willing to take that chance with my pups anymore.

We allow visits after pups get their shots. At that time they are old enough to get to know you and to become acquainted with you on your visit.

We occasionally take deposits to get on the wait list. Please visit my web store. Web store tab is located towards the bottom on the drop down menu under the Information tab. 

Thank you. 
cockapoo puppies
Puppies getting ready to go home in early December 2016. Lilianna (Red curly coat...still wet on her head from her bath.) Leilani (strawberry buff with white markings, fleece coat), and Lorraine (Red fleece coat).

Puppies have had their well puppy checkup with our vet, shots and wormed. They are started on potty training, socialized and ready for  lots of love in their new homes!  

Placed in new homes, but still in our hearts!

Multi generational cockapoo pups are some of the coolest pups because they are smarter, more hypoallergenic, and loving to the max!

Oh, look! Our sweet multi-gen foundation father, Pepper, pictured below.    V V V V V

We specialize in dark red, apricot and buff. Many of our puppies have white markings, and sometimes they have the very popular tuxedo markings. 
We also have parti colors sometimes. Dark red parti, like Chewabacca pictured here or buff parti like Muffy  over here >>>>>

Malachi is my right hand man with my dog pack! At only 16, he is already setting his course to become a veterinarian some day! He is such a conscientious, caring person. He understands the dogs and is very good with each one of them.
He is intuitive to their needs, and loves them like his own. Thank God for such a great young man to help out and lend a hand!