F1 cockapoo pups born 3-19-2019. Ready to go home 5-15-2020.

Mom is a black and tan AKC American Cocker Spaniel named Ember. She has a sweet and mild temperament. Very good momma!

Dad is a red AKC toy/mini poodle named Quincy. He is very cute and affectionate!

Excellent temperaments, and champion line background on both parents!
Here is a picture of one of our previous sable puppies almost full grown. He will eventually not have as much black on the face area as it gives way to the red base color...and YES, he was born mostly black!

Most of Ember's puppies are a lovely color called red sable (and/or brindle?). Both parents carry this color in their DNA. Sable means that the darker color recedes over time to reveal the color underneath. In this case, the base color is red. The red color you see on the paws and eye lids will eventually take over. The dark area of the coat generally will remain at the tips of the hair, and on the ears, tail, and here and there on the coat giving them an attractive two toned appearance. Sable cockapoos are all unique, and they all change as they grow. (Scroll down to see some examples of adult cocker spaniels and poodles that have the sable/brindle coloring.)

Below are the new 5 week old puppy pics on the red background. Look at those wavy curls coming in! Also, 4 week old pictures! And a couple of the  2.5 week old pics. So cute!
Progressive photos as they grow will reveal the unique sable coats. We have 4 sable puppies in this litter! It will be fun to watch them mature. Check out those 'eyebrows!'
Newest pics of our precious cockapoos! 6 weeks old on the plaid blanket. I love their sweet loving eyes! These babies make me laugh and smile every day just watching them play, and giving them lots of hugs!
Six week old checkups at the vet went very good, and they got their parvo shots.

Auburn is a red sable male cockapoo 

Gone home with M. Woehler - $2400

Burgundy is a red sable male cockapoo puppy

Gone home with A. Conrad - $2300

Chestnut is a red sable male cockapoo puppy

gone home with J. Bruneau - $2300

Copper is a red tuxedo male cockapoo puppy

Gone home with Julie L. - $2400

Mahogany is a black and rust male cockapoo puppy. (His coloring will not change.)

Gone home with Paul B. - $2300

Maroon is a rich rust sable female cockapoo puppy

Gone home with T. Stuckey - $2900
Pictures of the parents below.
Below are pictures of sable cockers and poodles. Sables are born black or brown, and gradually change color as they grow. They are all unique, and end up looking slightly different. Haircuts can affect the color temporarily.