Tiana and Quincy's cockapoo pups were born 2-11-23. They will be ready to go home 4-8-2023.

Mom (Tiana - f1 Brindle parti cockapoo) weighs 17 lbs. Dad (Quincy - AKC small red mini poodle) weighs 12 lbs. So we expect these little cockapoo babies to mature to the 11 to 19 lb. range.
Genetic checks are clear on both parents. These tests are done to make sure they don't have hidden disease that could be passed down to puppies.

Excellent temperaments! These puppies are f1b, and they have non-shed wavy, or curly coats. (The coat type on each puppy has been tested through the Paw Print genetics lab.)
All puppies are non-shed and are excellent for people who are looking for a  hypoallergenic puppy for their family.

We are enjoying watching these pups grow! They are adorable, and we can already see that they are going to be some smart little cockapoos! Please visit us on this page week by week to watch our puppies grow.

Puppies will go to the vet at almost six weeks to get a well puppy checkup with the vet, and also their first parvo shot.
At 8 almost weeks they will go back to the vet to get their 8 week old puppy shot, and fecal test to check for any parasites. Watch for weekly updates here!

Update...Puppies went to the vet on 3-23-23. They got their first parvo vaccination, a vet check up, and fecal test which came back negative for parasites. All of the puppies are healthy, and developing well. These beauties attracted a lot of attention! We usually only have the red color, and most people have not seen the rare mahogany sable color. We must admit that it is certainly a rich and gorgeous look even though the more common red color is usually more popular!

We know y'all can't wait to see pics as these puppies continue to grow. I promise the pictures will be updated soon! :)
Blossom is a sable female - Available $2500
Cotton Top is a red male - Available $2500

Laurel is a sable male

On hold for Nikki

Leif is a red tuxedo male with extra curly fur - Available $2500

Lula May is a sable female On hold for Claire
Peeps is a red/buff tuxedo female - On hold for Bianca
Puddles is a brindle male
On hold for Grishom
Ruffles is a brindle female On hold for Laura