Multi generational cockapoo pups born 2-11-2022. Ready to go home 4-8-2022. All puppies have found a home.

Mom weighs 20 lbs. Dad weighs 14 lbs.
Genetic checks are clear on both parents...these tests are done to make sure they don't have hidden disease!

More curly coated than our f1 puppies, and more hypoallergenic due to a higher percentage of poodle in the pedigree.
Excellent temperaments, and champion lines, which makes the coat soft and plush!

Pups are fond of getting some attention when they show good behaviors! <3
Update - doing great with the doggy door to go out and do business. These are smart pups!

All pups have found homes!
Six weeks of age with the yellow chick, or duck? ... 3-26-22
And pics at 7 weeks with the mutt nation puppy....4-5-22!
George is a fluffy dark red male cockapoo.
6 week weight 3.75 lbs. estimate - 16 to 21 lbs. He's such a sweet baby!

gone home with Apoova!
Zoe is a red and white tuxedo female cockapoo.
6 week weight 3.75 lbs. est. - 16 to 21 lbs.
She is a sweet and kind mother figure of the litter, and she watches out for everyone!
The vet noted that she had a very slight under-bite which would not cause any problems. Only detectable if you pull on the side of her muzzle to look at her teeth.

Gone home with Alexandra H.
Pics below were taken on 2-23-22.
Zoe, Lucy, Amy, Francine, George and Zephir.