Tiana and Quincy's F1b cockapoo pups born 8-17-2022. Ready to go home 10-14-2022.

Mom weighs 18 lbs. Dad weighs 13 lbs. So we expect these little cockapoo babies to mature to the 12 - 19 lb. range.
Genetic checks are clear on both parents. These tests are done to make sure they don't have hidden disease that could be passed down to puppies.

These pups are going to have the best temperaments! Tiana is very attentive and cuddly with them. She's a great first time mom!

We are enjoying watching these pups grow! They are adorable, and we can already see that they are going to be some smart little cockapoos!

4 week old pics! I'm in love with these sweet lil' punkins! <3

Five week old pictures with the fluffy fox.


Aladdin is a buff male with white markings.
He has a wavy coat.

Please try to ignore the little bit of grass on his forehead in the new pics! (He was not aware)...but I got it off before the second pic. LOL!
He has such a nice and calm temperament!

On hold for the Welch family


Ariel is a vivid red apricot with white markings.
She has a soft curl/wavy coat.

We had to use the camera flash on these pics because I waited too late in the day. It washed out the color slightly. On the plus side it shows the beauty of her lush coat!
Ariel is the leader of the pack, and she loves to flaunt her beauty!

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Aurora is a red/buff tuxedo.
She has a curly/soft wave coat.
She is our smallest puppy.

Still the smallest, but she's definitely gaining ground. She's so sweet and very feminine! We recommend her for a home with older children, or adults who love to sit and cuddle all day! :)

Available female


Jasmine is black with deep auburn red brindle.
The brindle coloring usually comes out a bit more over several weeks.
Her coat is soft curl/wavy.

Jas is still unique and beautiful! What can I say? She's a jewel. Sometimes when I watch these babies play, I feel so blessed to spend these early days with these amazing, gorgeous tiny creatures!

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