Mia and Watson's cockapoo pups were born 10-6-22. They will be ready to go home 12-2-2022.

Mom weighs 21 lbs. Dad weighs 16 lbs. So we expect these little cockapoo babies to mature to the 13 - 23 lb. range.
Genetic checks are clear on both parents. These tests are done to make sure they don't have hidden disease that could be passed down to puppies.

Excellent temperaments! Coat type on each puppy has been tested by paw print, and they all have hypoallergenic non-shed coats.

We are enjoying watching these pups grow! They are adorable, and we can already see that they are going to be some smart little cockapoos! Please visit us on this page week by week to watch our puppies grow.

Puppies went to the vet at almost six weeks, and they all got a good well puppy checkup with the vet, and also their first parvo shot.
At 6 weeks pics are done and also a much needed grooming session! They are showing a lot of interest in their toys now, and learning to eat real well now.
At 7 week old pics are adorable! Puppies went to the vet for their puppy shot  at almost 8 weeks, and they all got a clear bill of health. 
New pics at 9 weeks are looking good.  
All of Mia's puppies have found homes. Click on the button below to see our older available puppies.
Kenyon is on hold for A. Lavake.
A sweet and loving pup. Kenyon is just a big affectionate teddy bear! His coat is fluffy, soft, non-shedding and hypoallergenic.
He loves to hang out and be part of all the family activities.
His temperament is very calm and laid back.
He has an exceptionally sweet attitude about everything and everyone! 

First picture at 6 weeks, and second pic at 7 weeks.

Nine week old pictures are with the holiday lights. These puppies are so cute, and I want to keep them all! :)


Angelina Has found her forever home with the Muehlstein family.

She is a buff and white parti.
She's the shy baby of the group. But she's very affectionate. Her fur is fluffy and soft. No shedding, and thankfully it's hypoallergenic!

Pictures are at 6 weeks with the 'goldendoodle puppy'!
7 week pics with the holiday sloth.

Nine week old pictures are with the holiday lights. These puppies are so cute, and I want to keep them all! :)

Pictures below are of the puppies in this litter that are going home soon, or have already gone home.

Below are some of our full grown cockapoo puppies in parti (red and white), dark red, and  apricot with white markings.