Multi Gen. Cockapoo puppies! Kitty and Gunnery's February 2018 puppies.

Mom, Kitty is a multigenerational cockapoo with a slightly higher percentage of poodle in her background. She has a wavy/curl fleece coat.  Dad, Gunnery is a f1 cockapoo with a wavy fleece coat. Both parents are from champion lines, so the puppies have high quality coats. We only select the best temperaments and healthy show quality dogs for our breeding program. (As a breeder, I know this makes a huge impact on the health and temperament of my puppies. We also run genetic tests to make sure the parents are not passing down any genetic disease, or defects that can cause trouble later on.) These pups are all non-shed and more hypoallergenic than f1 cockapoos. 

Mary-Lou is a dark red wavy coat female. She has been tested with paw print genetics, and is totally clear for everything on the cockapoo panel. 

Adopted by Sonja. She will be part of a Cobberdog breeding program!

Macintosh Red wavy coat male - Adopted by the Baumeister family.

Mercer Wavy red male - Adopted by the Michaelson family!

Magic Curly red tuxedo male - Adopted by the Olvera family

Marty curly dark red velvet female. She is our quiet, home body. She loves to be cuddled, and spoiled!

Adopted by the Glosik family

Merlot wavy/curly dark red male. He is a very friendly, outgoing puppy with a great attitude!

Adopted by the Owel family. He is going to be a little brother to a Pokagon cockapoo, Lily!

Magenta Wavy/ curly red tuxedo female - Adopted by Carolyn