Multi gen. cockapoo puppies! All are adopted!
Charity and Gunnery's cockapoo puppies were born 4-2-19. Ready to go home 5-30-19.

All gone, now! They are doing great in their new homes!

Charity and Gunnery are both champion line cockapoos. They are tested by pawprint, and are negative for any disease commonly affecting cockapoos. We also test them for normal health concerns including, and not limited to heart, knee, skin, correct occlusion  (bite) and lungs. Finally, they are tested by pawprint for the ability to produce correct coat in their puppies. They have had previous litters together, and have never produced a shedding puppy. Click on the link below to see previous pups.

How do you like us now? They are 4 wks. and already the most adorable babies! Rolly Polly puppies, toddling and tumbling each other around...Love, love, love! I could watch them all day long if I didn't have anything else to do!  Scroll down for 5 week old pictures, and more info. on each puppy!  All of our puppies in this litter are spoken for!
Darcy and Venita checking you out checking them out!

Darcy has a silky, wavy non-shed coat. He definitely has more of the caramel honey coloration with just a smidgen of white touches for a subtle accent! He's going to be a very handsome boy, His nose is darkening to a rich chocolate color!

Don't be fooled by his oh so sad little puppy eyes, this little character is outgoing and social! Always the first to toddle out to the pee pad and then turn around to challenge the others to do the same! He is convinced that the world is indeed his oyster!!!

Venita is a pudgy baby girl. Her coat is a spicy dark red. She has black points to set off the deep red wavy fur. Her ears are set high giving her that perpetually perky look. Her coat is thick, and curl/wavy. She has an easy to live with personality, one that is loyal and loving.... trainable with a teachable spirit!   

David and Romeo are just two bros hanging out together!

David says to tell you that he's a good fit if you want a medium energy puppy who'll happily play fetch with your wee ones & then help you put them down for their naps! He promises not to be a barky boy, and says not to forget to tell you that he would be a good friend if there's a kitten in the house, he's exceedingly gentle and good natured!  I love this color combination, with a neat white blaze on his nose and four snowy paws accenting his silky coat.  He loves loves loves to cuddle! Hold him in your arms, and he'll snuggle right under your chin with a big puppy sigh!

Romeo has lot of love in a smaller package! I'm hard pressed to say who my favorite is, they are equally social and loving, with playfully mischievous attitudes that quickly melt into puppy cuddle-bugs the moment they are in someone's arms

Lennan, Valentine, and Juliet are a precious trio of adorableness! 

Lennan has a very dark red wavy coat! He is a calm, and serious puppy with lots of big plans! Just look at him contemplating his next move! (Gotta get outta dis box....;)

Valentine is everyone's best buddy! Beautiful red puppy with perfect fur! Our oh so wonderfully fluffy Valentine is chock-full of old fashioned Cockapoo character!  He's playful, he's sweet, and  ever so droll! He has a bit of a mind of his own in the most adorable sort of way!  Super smart!

Juliet is our perfect little angel! She has a kind attitude, and with her slightly silly side, her perfectly hypo-allergenic and non-shed coat, who could ask for more? Oh, maybe some white markings...check! 

Darcy is a red/apricot male. He has white markings, and his coat is wavy fleece.
On hold for the Enix family
David is a very flashy red tuxedo male. His coat is wavy fleece.
On hold for the A family.
Juliet is a pretty little red tuxedo female. Her coat is wavy fleece.
On hold for Lizzie -  
Lennan is a dark red male. His coat is wavy fleece.
On hold for the Conrad family
Romeo is our handsome little red tuxedo male. His coat is curly.
On hold for Trudy -
Valentine is a red/apricot male. His coat is wavy fleece.
On hold for the Ellsworth family - 
Venita is a red female. Her coat is wavy fleece.
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