Cockapoo pups born 12-29-2020. Ready to go home 2-24-2020.

Mom is a black and white American Cocker Spaniel named Bristol. She has a very loving temperament. Very good momma! 
Dad is a red cockapoo named Gunnery. He is very cute and playful!

***Please note that this litter is only available for people who do not necessarily desire a non-shed cockapoo.

This is the first time we have offered cockapoo pups bred in this way. Each one is unique. We expect that they will have beautiful coats that are slightly wavy. This type of cockapoo should not shed quite as much as a pure bred Cocker Spaniel.

Please note that we do not ship our puppies!

Chaplin is our red and white male. His red spots are coming in more and more each day just as is typical in red and white cocker spaniel puppies. 

Available - $1400

Duckett is a black and white male puppy. He is very solid and squared off. 

Available - $1100

Fenwick is a black and white male puppy. He is very pudgy, and so cute with his half white, and half black face!

Available - $1100

Florian is our red and white female. She is mostly white with touches of the red color coming in.

On hold for Cristi - $2800

Guthrie is our beautiful black tuxedo female pup. She is very tiny.

On hold for Amy - $2600

Paloma is our black and white female puppy. She is chunky and square built.

Available - $2400
Royce is our black with white male puppy. He has white toes on each foot! He and Guthrie are the smallest ones in the litter.

Available - $1200

Female puppies are here!
Male puppies are here!