Beluga/Samson cockapoo puppies born 6-7-18, and ready to go home Aug. 3 through 17.

We named these beautiful babies after the major Arctic seas! The are all sweet and adorable just like mom and dad!
Both parents are thoroughly vetted and tested with Paw print's genetic testing, so they are clear for all major health concerns.
The parents are also tested for shedding, and are cleared to produce hypoallergenic/non-shed puppies!
Puppies will be vet checked, and the vet will give them puppy shots and parasite control before they go to their new homes.
The pups will also be started on potty training, and well socialized. We currently have three people who were on our waiting list for this litter.
Meet our adorable baby boys - Baffin, Barents, and Beaufort.
Barents is the most curly one, Baffin is the dark red with the most white markings, and Beaufort is the buff male with lots of flashy white markings! (Look at how those boys are rooting around for milk! They will be nibbling on puppy kibble as soon as they can! LOL! And mom is getting a lot of extra yummy food so she can keep up with these babies with their healthy appetites!)
Males -  $1850 - $1950

Get ready for our lovely ladies - Kara and White

Kara is the darker red curly one, and White is the one with a lot of bright white markings!

Females - $1950 - $2050

Introducing sweet girls - Chukchi, and Pechora
Chukchi has a beautiful face, and Pechora is a lovely strawberry blond!
Females - $1950
Weeks 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are shown below. (Each set is in alphabetical order. Enjoy!) :)