F1 cockapoo puppies from champion cocker spaniel and poodle lines. Parents are genetic tested with a complete panel through the Paw Print genetic labs.
Indi and Quincy presented us with an amazing litter on 10-12-21. Puppies will be ready to go to their new homes on 12-10-21.

These puppies are all spoken for! Thank you, and check out our new cockapoo puppies by clicking the appropriate link below.

Champion AKC lines on both the cocker and poodle sides. The quality really shows up in these puppies! We also go the extra mile to test our breeding dogs to make sure we do not produce pups prone to genetic disease and dysfunction later in life!

We recently have begun to implement some of the aspects of puppy culture training to help your new puppy fit into your home, This has been proven to make further training more effective, because training has already been in effect from a very early age!

Indi's pups are learning to go outside. What a great time we are having with these precious little ones. The pups that have gone home are impressing everyone by how well they are already potty trained. These puppies are loving their new homes and families! Thank you so much to all of our new clients who are keeping us informed as the puppies settle into their new homes!
New 7 week old pics are with the white bear, and the rainbow background. (Look at how they have grown as compared to the five week old pics with the same white bear! ...Amazing, and adorable!) All too soon they will be going to homes of their own with you, and we will miss them!

Their 6 week old pics are with Pluto the dog, and plaid background.

Some notes about the five week old pics...They are a day early because we are taking pups to the vet this week. Also, I had to do face trimming so you could see their eyes in the pictures. Our dogs have champion lines which produce lovely coats, but it also means pups get haircuts earlier than typical cockapoos. Five week pics are with the white bear, and are taken without the use of a flash so you can see more detail.  

Chestnut is so handsome with his deep red/chocolate wavy coat.

Seven weeks and he is just so sweet! We get lots of puppy kisses from this little one!

Gone home with Maria S. and family

Clementine is our lovely wavy/curl red/apricot colored pup.

At seven weeks old, Clementine is developing a diva attitude. However, she is a gentle, and charitable little sweetheart. Always going along to get along!

Gone home with the Judd family
I did a retake on Clementine's picture

since the one above is blurry.

Donner has a squared jaw and a wavy buff/apricot coat with white tippy toes!

Our chubby Donner is turning into a handsome prince! Awww....would you look at those eyes?
He will promise the world, and then follow through on every detail!
Yes he's gorgeous, and he's a lover too!

On hold for the Walker family
Joybells is our pudgy little wavy apricot female with a white blaze, and one little white dollop on her chin!

Joybells at 7 weeks is the smallest, and probably the most curious pup in the litter. Sometimes as she pursues every little butterfly, she finds that she has flitted away from the group! And she runs back to rejoin her little group of siblings to see if she missed out on anything fun!

Spoken for
On hold for B. D.
King Winceslas has a wavy red coat with white tuxedo markings.

At 7 weeks King Winceslas is master of king of the mountain. He loves puppy piles, pillows, and lounging on my lap! This one may be a bit spoiled! <3

Gone home with Nancy S. 
Saint Nick has a fluffy rich red wavy coat with white markings.

At 7 weeks Saint Nick is certainly a 'jolly old soul.' He has a very happy, laid back temperament.

Gone home with Rick S.

Here is a peek at some of our past cockapoo puppies from last year.