F1 Cockapoo puppies pictured in the farmhouse tin are from Bristol's 2018 litter.

Beautiful Bristol (AKC American Cocker) and Handsome Quincy (AKC Mini Poodle) have a new litter born 10-5-21, and ready to go home on 12-2-21.
Bristol brought five healthy pups into the world without so much as a peep! What a great mommy-girl (as I affectionately call her)! 3 boys, and 2 girls

These pups are pretty chill, and have great temperaments like their parents. Oh, and speaking of their parents, did you know we test our adults to make sure they do not have genetic disease lurking silently in their genetic code? It's true! We want you to have a healthy, happy puppy for your lovely home and family!

Bristol's litter will be available for our wait list to pick from until they are 3 weeks old. Then we will offer any remaining pups to any new potential families!

Engel is a red/apricot tuxedo puppy. He looks to me like he has the beginnings of a thick, fluffy coat.

Available - $3300

Denali is a black and rust male puppy. He is a big boy with a broad head, and a silky, wavy coat.

Available - $3000

Gabriella is a dark red female puppy with a wavy coat. She has that amazing, illusive dark red coat with the touches of white embellishments.

Spoken for

On hold for Cristi
Saphira is a small black female puppy. Her black coat is perfectly accented with a large white blaze on her chest coming all the way up to her sweet little chin!

Spoken for....

On hold for Barbara
Quinn is a red tuxedo male puppy with a white diamond on his head! He is slightly smaller than the other two males, but has a broad head, and a silky, wavy coat.

Pending for Marcy - $3300
F1 Cockapoo Puppies from Hattie in their new homes!