We would like to announce our beautiful new litter of f1B cockapoo puppies! They were born to Aspen and Quincy on 6-26-21. They will be ready to go home on 8-26-21.

Aspen is our multi generational cockapoo. Quincy is our small AKC mini poodle from excellent lines!
These puppies are non-shed, and are more allergy friendly than f1 cockapoo puppies. They should be in the 14 to 22 lb. range full grown.
Now available for deposit.

Puppies have all gone to their new homes! Thanks everyone, and please stay in touch! :0)
Four week old pictures, and new Six week old pics with Winnie and Eeyore!
Puppies went to see the vet for their six week checkup and Neopar shots. They will also go again for puppy shots before they go to their new homes.
Maple - Female

What a cutie! Always happy and cheerful!

Spruce - Male


Very sweet little one. On the shy side. (Update...He's not shy anymore, and growing fast. LOL! We are thinking he was probably the runt of the litter.)

He is the smaller, lighter colored male.

Red Oak - male

Red Oak is adventuresome, and likes to lead the pack!

Spruce, Maple and Red Oak in the first pic. Spruce and Maple in the second pic.

I can't believe these cuties are almost 5 weeks old already!
Pixel, our cat, loves to watch the puppies. I noticed that she kept watching the play yard even after I had taken them back inside today!