We would like to announce our beautiful new litter of f1B cockapoo puppies! They were born to Penelope (20lbs.) and Quincy (12 lbs.) on 11-19-21.

****They all are already adopted!****

Penelope is a F1 cockapoo in one of our guardian homes. Quincy is our small AKC mini poodle from champion lines! Both parents are extremely smart and have well adapted temperaments. Possible therapy potential, and they excel as family pets!

Penelope's sweet babies are raised around children and other pets, and they show the very trainable traits of the poodle, and that amazing innate restraint of a well bred cocker spaniel when they are around smaller animals. Best for companionship, and some types of therapy.

These puppies are non-shed, and are more allergy friendly than f1 cockapoo puppies. They should be in the 14 to 22 lb. range full grown.
******************They have all found homes.

Five weeks - (red background) and seven weeks - (With the teddy bear).

Scroll all the way down to see those adorable four week old pics in the basket.

My how these puppies have grown, and blossomed into the sweet babies they are today!

Meet Mr. Zach. He is a red/buff with tuxedo white markings. His coat is wavy. He has a very even temperament, and self assured.

Zach is on hold for Claire
Meet Mr. Granger. He is black with a white blaze and curly coat. He loves treats, family, and just hanging out with the gang!
Granger has the most luxurious, silky soft curly coat I've ever seen! Makes you want to keep petting him, and he loves it, too!

I updated his pics on 1-10-22 (below) he ran a few errands with me. He is the sweetest puppy! He is so much like his precious momma, whom everyone adores! He is his momma's big boy!
Someone said that he looks like he has chocolate highlights. He does not. He is jet black with a touch of white under his chin, and on his chest.

He is already spoken for....going home with Robin
Meet Miss Reba. She is red/apricot with a curly coat. She loves to be wherever the action is! Reba is the jewel in her mother's crown. She is just perfect in every way. She is personable, and equitable with everyone like a well trained princess should be!  

Updated picture of Reba on 1-12-22. And photo shoot today...1-15-22. Her picture does not show it, but she has an amazing personality. She is patient, and very receptive to training. And of course she is beautiful. Her soft curly coat is so full that the white on her chest has almost disappeared.

Already adopted by the Stwalley family
Female puppies -
(in reverse order to pic)

Black with tan markings female will probably turn to sable (Faith) -

Red female with white tuxedo markings (Trisha) - 

Red female  (Reba) -

Male puppies - (in reverse order to pic)

Two black males .... One is curly with a white blaze on his chest (Granger) (see pic below), and the other is our large solid black wavy coated beauty (Clint-on hold) -

Red male with white markings, and a soft wavy coat (Zach) - 

Small Black/tan phantom male with curly coat (Colter) -

Mr. Granger got his picture taken with his three sisters. They are thinking it's a bit crowded with brother in here! Compare to the girl picture above! :0)

Granger is our Black curly cockapoo boy with a white blaze on his chest.

He is the third puppy counting to your left from our little holiday sloth.

And one more picture of our boys, Colter, Zach and Clint.

Clint seems to be wanting to ask a very important question....

Maybe he's hoping to get two treats for being an extra, extra good boy!