Multi generational (F2B) cockapoo pups born 11-30-2021. Ready to go home 1-25-2022.

Mom, Judoka (27 lbs.) is a red multi generational cockapoo. She has a slightly higher poodle percentage in her pedigree than she does cocker spaniel, so she has a fluffy, curly teddy bear coat.
Dad is a red F1 cockapoo named Gunnery (18 lbs.). His coat is dark red and fluffy/wavy.

Excellent temperaments, and champion line background on both parents.
The parents are cleared by Paw Print genetics, and have normal patella tests.
Vet checked, and approved for breeding.
Parents are also cleared to produce all non-shed, hypoallergenic puppies.

The puppies in this litter have all found good homes!
Only one more puppy to go! His name is Spike, and he is the sweetest! Such a sweet attitude, and gets along great with everyone.
He is a very laid back, and quiet puppy. And he dearly loves play time with us!
His coat is wavy, and non-shed. He is tested, and free of common cockapoo disease.
This little sweetie is very obviously intelligent. He is a bit of a follower, and he will watch and observe before running headlong into any kind of trouble. We love that aspect of him. He is so very wise for his age, and respectful of everyone!

Adopted by Adam!
Seven week old pictures below!
Bogey, Homer, Hoops, Spike, and TD.........Scroll down for more information on each of our adorable All Star puppies!
Introducing our 'all star' litter. All five puppies are boys!

Pictures below, with the white bear, is at almost 5 weeks of age.
Pictures below (3 pics with woodland friends) are at almost 6 weeks of age.
male -

Already spoken

He's our little cuddler! So sweet and lovable!
Adopted by N. Cloteaux

Loyal and loving!

Hoops -
Adopted by the Dockery family

He is very playful and sweet. Medium size with a soft curl coat.
Spike - On hold

He's a smart boy with a loving attitude!
Adopted by the Dyson family.
TD is a has a  serious side to him. Very loyal and grounded.

Pictures of the former litter are below to give you a good idea of how the current pups may mature. I have adult pics of most of the pups below.
They are lovely with amazing temperaments!

Six weeks on the left, and full grown on the right.
Six weeks on the left, and full grown on the right.
Six weeks on the left, and full grown on the right.

Here are pics of a few of the cockapoos, cockers, and poodles in their pedigree...