Seller states that to the best of his/her knowledge, the puppy being purchased is in good health.  The puppy has been vet checked, has been vaccinated against common communicable diseases, is up to date on immunizations, and has been de-wormed at regular intervals for parasites

Buyer understands that for the puppy’s health it is very important that their puppy eat and drink within 4 to 6 daylight hours of receipt. Should that not happen, or if Buyer feels the puppy is sick, please seek the care of a licensed Veterinarian as soon as possible.

Buyer has 3 business days from the pick-up date of the puppy to take this puppy to a licensed veterinarian for a well-check-up at Buyer’s expense to activate the 1 year “Health Guarantee”. All health care expenses for the puppy after transfer date are the responsibility of the byer.

Buyer agrees to maintain the health of the puppy by following the procedures and advice of their veterinarian. This includes well-check-up visits, shots, worming and oral hygiene. This also includes proper housing, nutrition and daily vitamin supplements recommended by seller.

Buyer understands that the puppy is guaranteed for 1 year to be free of any congenital or hereditary defect/condition (eyes, heart, lungs, kidneys, etc), which would be imminently life threatening.  In the unlikely event that your puppy is diagnosed with, or should die from, such a condition within 1 year, Seller agrees to provide a similar puppy or refund Buyer’s money at the Sellers discretion.

As a condition of the guarantee, Seller may request verification from an unassociated, licensed Veterinarian that the puppy does have an imminently life-threatening condition. Upon verification in such a case, Buyer must return, at Buyers expense and within 7 days, all registration papers and the written documentation from Buyer’s Veterinarian(s) as to the nature of the condition.

Once the condition is confirmed by Seller’s Veterinarian, the Seller has 30 days to fulfill the guarantee.  Seller will not reimburse shipping charges, nor pay shipping on a replacement puppy.

Buyer understands that the puppy is not guaranteed against common stress-induced puppy problems, such as kennel cough/infection, or hyper/hypoglycemia, nor against parasites or microbes, mites, fleas or ticks.

Buyer understands that under/over bites, undescended testicles, and small umbilical hernias are suitable for pets and pose no health risk to the puppy. Seller states to the best of his/her knowledge the quality of the puppy in the following areas, but cannot guarantee perfect confirmation, excellent temperaments or non-shed/hypoallergenic coat.    

Seller extends the 1 year Health Guarantee to 2 years, if and only if Buyer feeds NuVet supplements as recommended during the entire two year period.