Are you wondering why our puppies are priced less than a pet store, and more than the typical cockapoo breeder?

In one word, genetics. It's the most important, but overlooked factor in breeding. Superior genetics for temperament, coat quality, and most importantly health are our top concerns. We back this up through health testing, pedigrees, and time honored breeding history.

It's always best to start out with quality. Once you have selected a puppy, neither you, nor your vet can change the DNA makeup. There is really no way of knowing if your puppy is carrying disease if the parents were not tested. Treatments can be costly, and may greatly reduce the quality of life for your new puppy. That's why we invest in genetic testing our adult dogs. The testing, done in a genetic laboratory is to rule out common diseases, and also poor coat quality that can otherwise commonly affect cockapoos.

We have a very close relationship with each puppy, and work on training from an early age. We also go the extra mile to make sure they are thoroughly vet checked and healthy. 

One thing we do not offer is micro chipping. Pet stores use these as a selling point because they purchase  from puppy mills. Puppy mills microchip puppies since they can't be bothered to keep track of their puppies without chips to identify them.
We have found that not everyone wants a puppy with a chip in it, however we do encourage you to consider it, and have the conversation with your Veterinarian about the best microchip company to use if you decide to do it in the future. 

Information about what goes along with your puppy.......

  • Please Note: Our puppies have value added; which means that we are not the typical dog breeder - We cover all the bases! Health of the parents as well as the health and socialization of pups is our number one goal.
  • Before breeding, we perform careful examination of pedigrees, and temperament history which plays a huge roll in the puppies that we breed today. 
  • Our dogs are treated with respect, and we do not breed our dogs as often as possible. We skip heats for optimal health. When they are pregnant we give them extra nutrition so they retain thier own health as they are building strong, healthy puppies in the womb!

  • Veterinary health check - Our vet performs a thorough health check on each puppy before they go home. This includes heart, joint, genital, skin tone, teeth, belly, and fecal exam as well.
  • Shots - Our vet gives the parvo shot at 6 weeks, and the puppy shots at 8 wks.
  • Worming - Worming is done over a period of several weeks within the first 8 weeks of life.
  • Flea treatment - Our vet gives adults and pups preventative treatment for external parasites.
  • Tail - Tail is natural, but can be docked later if you prefer it docked. Otherwise, we are a no-cut facility, and definitely prefer to have beautiful, wagging tails on our cockapoos!
  • Potty training - Early training begins with paper training, litter box training and then at the appropriate age, outside. We have a very effective early training method, and many of our clients are surprised that their puppy comes to their new home 'already potty trained.'
  • Socialization - We begin this from the birth, but more extensively starting at 4 wks.
  • Puppy pac - Food, info., Nuvet vitamin, blanket with maternal pheromone scent. Paperwork is provided in a folder and includes our guarantee, documentation regarding health and weight from our vet, and the authentic, original shot and worming vet record in a passport format.
  • Food - Puppies are started on Royal Canine medium breed puppy kibble, and fresh water.
  • Registration - ACC registration which stands for American Cockapoo Club.
  • AKC Background - Most of our adults have an AKC, or equivalent background with excellent pedigrees that show a history of no inbreeding. We do not inbreed our dogs because this practice has been shown to negatively affect health in the genetic line.
  • Parental health clearances - Our adults are cleared genetically for a panel of common disease affecting the cockapoo breed. It is important that our clients get the healthiest puppy possible.
  • Non-shed coats - We get the parent's DNA tested in the laboratory to make sure that we are o breeding non-shed cockapoos for our clients. Please note...Non-shed coats are not always curly, and a curly coat does not necessarily mean that the puppy will be non-shed. The gene that affects shedding is not linked to the gene that affects curl.
  • Hypoallergenic coat* - Our puppies are f1 cockapoo, f1b cockapoo, or multi generational cockapoo. We do get the parent's DNA tested in the laboratory to make sure that we are only breeding non-shed cockapoos for our clients. Non-shed cockapoos are considered to be hypoallergenic for most people. 
  • *(Please consult with your doctor before purchasing an animal if you have any animal allergies, or sensitivities.)
  • Delivery or shipping - No longer available. We live in Shelbyville, Texas which is close to the town of Center, Texas.