Judoka's puppies were born on 4-2-23. They will be ready to go on 6-1-23.

Parents are tested to make sure there are no genetic defects that can be passed down to puppies. Genetic defects do not always show up in the parents, but if they carry for them, they can pass it to puppies, so we consider this and other testing very important in breeding the healthiest puppies possible.
Judoka, aka Juicy, is such a wonderful mom to her puppies! She's one of the smartest and most loving cockapoos, and she is from a long line of cockapoos that I have had the pleasure of working with over the years!
These puppies will mature to around 18 to 27 lbs. That's my best guess, but not a promise. My guess will be revised when the puppies are older.

Lavender is available again!

our newest litter is here, and they are gorgeous! Only one boy. He is the one in the forefront of this picture.

Seven week old pics are posted below.

Lavender is an adorable apricot cockapoo puppy.
She is such a sweetie! Second to largest pup in the litter so far.
She is the designated snuggle puppy for all the puppies!


Seven week old pictures below in this order...Begonia, Jonquil, Lavender, Marigold, and Primrose.