***************All puppies are on hold! ****************************

Multi generational cockapoo pups born 7-28-2020. Ready to go home 9-24-2020. 

Mom is a red cockapoo named Kitty. She is a sweetie, and a very good momma!

Dad is a red cockapoo named Gunnery. He is very cute, and playful!

Excellent temperaments, and superb champion line background in both parents! These pups tend to have a slightly more curly coat than our f1 puppies do, and are generally more hypoallergenic due to a slightly higher percentage of poodle in the background. They have less poodle influence than our f1b cockapoo puppies do, so they retain a lot of the more stocky structure, and merry temperament of the cocker spaniel.

Pictures below are new born, 3, 5 and 6 weeks. We normally try to get weekly pictures, so I apologize for the lapse of updated pics. Hopefully the hurricanes will stay away, and we won't have any more interruptions! ;)

Males - Dark red with a small white marking on his throat - $2600
Tuxedo - $2800

Females - Dark, solid red - $2700 (On hold for the Baimonte family)
Tuxedo - $3000 (On hold for the Sutliff family)

Banjo - male
On hold for The VanDewater family
Cadence - Male

Available- $2800

Conga - Male
ON hold for the Thomas family

Harmony - Female
On hold for the Sutliff family

Lyric - female
Pending for the Baimonte family

Treble - male

On hold for the A. Martinez family.

Below are puppy pix from Kitty's former litter.