Cockapoo puppies ready now! All are adopted now!

Puppies will most likely mature to the 16 - 24 lb. range.

Genetic checks are clear on both parents. These tests are done to make sure they don't have hidden disease that could be passed down to puppies.
Shimmer is an available curly red and white parti cockapoo puppy.   ***Adopted by the Cook family. They fell in love with her, and she has an excellent new home with them! ***
She is very gentle and extremely loving!
Shimmer is that super sweet, sensible and smart puppy that will make even a puppy novice look like a pro trainer! She already knows how to let herself out the doggy door to go potty.
She is a peace maker among the other puppies. It's very lovely to see such an sweet temperament at such a young age! 
She's my little buddy when I'm teaching the pups how to act. She listens well, and her greatest joy is to learn how to please!
Pictures on the plaid background at 10.5 weeks.And on the Mushroom background at 11 weeks. And 13 week pics with the holiday lights. (...and one picture taken outdoors)
Diana is an available wavy coated cockapoo.
*****Update! She has been adopted!****

Diana is one of those puppies that you never want to underestimate. She is smart and notices everything! 
Darling in every way with her coat of red and a lacy white cravat at her neck, she will have you charmed before you can even get her home! 
If you've ever had the privilege of sharing your home with a cockapoo you know what I'm talking about! 
She's not fussy, but rest assured that she will be very happy to help you with Christmas dinner and all the (puppy approved) trimmings! ;)

Pictures on the plaid background at 10.5 weeks.
And on the Mushroom background at 11 weeks.

We are pleased to announce that our sweet baby Diana has found her forever home.

"She is doing sooo good. The cat and her are getting use to each other. She has used the puppy pad which is great, won't go potty outside yet I think the noises and everything is too interesting for her to remember to go. She slept with me last night such a cuddler and was soooo cute. Enjoying her down time laying in her crate right now. About to go to my son's birthday party outside so she is going to meet a lot more people and get to play outside. Oh, she loved the pet store and loving on everyone once she got over the scary new sounds. She is going to be such a wonderful addition to our family." -- Shannon

Diana's new family is a very active family living in the Houston area. They love to travel, Kayak, bike and just enjoy the great outdoors. We feel like Diana was the perfect fit for them, and we look forward to more updates!

Percy is an available curly red  cockapoo puppy.
He is very calm and loving!

'I've found my forever home with the Kaplan family!'

This sweet boy has huge bear paws to grow into, and he is smarter than the average bear out there, too! He will most likely be a bit over 24 lbs. full grown.
Those soulful eyes of his will have you looking forward to snuggle time, and that's certainly his favorite thing as well! Sometimes he lays his head on my arm and looks up at me! Melts my heart for sure! 
Percy loves game time, and if you play some fetch with him he will be sure to follow you to the ends of the earth!
Let me know if he sounds like puppy that you'd love to share hearth and home with!
Pictures on the plaid background at 10.5 weeks.And on the Mushroom background at 11 weeks.

Below is an adorable picture of Percy at 9 weeks before he got a trim.

Below is a picture of one of our parti colored cockapoo puppies. He lives with his family up north in Indiana!

Pictures below are a recent litter of cockapoo puppies already gone home.

Hope - Adopted

It’s Crystal, I purchased Hope, now Maisey Pearl from you and wanted to give you a update. She is thriving and so loved by us and everyone that we comes into contact with. Everyone wants to hold or touch her, she’s so sweet.

She is mingling well with other dogs. I took her to my parents home and they have a yorki (coco) and a boxer (Lexie). My brother has a giant schnauzer (zero) and Maisey has had a good visit with all of them especially Zero (the biggest and heaviest dog we have) lol.

She is eating and drinking well. We are feeding her the royal canine and have had no problem with her eating. We will be ordering her vitamins that you recommended. She loves taking her vitamins (rare)!

Her potty training is coming along so well. We’ve been really good about taking her outside immediately after eating and drinking. I think she now knows outside is for potting. She is just so great and I’m glad we found you to add her to our family, she’s absolutely perfect for us.


Adopted by Diana

Thank you!


We made it back late last night and he was an angel the entire way! He mostly slept, didn’t pee/poo in his carrier. He is quickly learning to use pee pads and he bonded immediately with my husband. He is a little genius! 


He was the apple of everyone’s eye that we met yesterday. Everyone wanted to pet him. He was so so good. Didn’t bark once. He was so good with so many people around him!


One woman at the Shreveport airport loved him so much, I suggested to take home Joy and directed her to your site. You may hear from her. Her husband snapped a photo of Moose and she was cooing over Joy’s photos on your site!


I’ll start posting photos of Moose on Instagram today. His profile name is @TheMoosecot. (Like “mascot” but Moose!)


Thank you again for everything! Moose is everything I could have ever wanted and more. I’m in love with him already and cannot wait to spend the next many, many years snuggling this little guy. 

Adopted by the Barnhart family.

Faith is doing great!  Had a safe trip back and has been so good.  Likes her crate and play pen!  Thank you for the recs!  I’ll keep you posted!
Charity - Adopted

'We have some happy kids! She is doing great!'