This is Pepper, the grand dad of our beautiful momma cockapoos. (Pic above is rough coat, and below is after grooming.) -RETIRED-
All of our dogs are seen by our vet and checked out for health with a comprehensive check list.
Our dogs are fed a grain free diet when they are not nursing pups, and are very healthy and vibrant. They have fun and get plenty of exercise in our large, partially covered 40+ foot runs.
Note: Our moms are multi generational which means that they are cockapoos from a long line of cockapoos. They have a slightly higher percentage of poodle in their background which makes them non-shed, smart and more likely to have a square, proud stance. And there is also the benefit of coats that are truly non-shed, with lower dander counts than can be found in F1 cockapoos, or traditional generational breedings.

Our vet is always remarking about how nice our puppies turn out. It has taken years to build these lines, and we are very blessed to have them! 

When building a line there are important attributes that we look for. Health and longevity comes first. We get their eyes, knees and hearts checked. Our American Cocker Spaniel lines are from champion AKC lines. Our poodles are AKC  mini size with strong bones and great temperaments.

All of our dogs are AKC traceable, and come from champion lines. We have run into a lot of lines from both poodle and cockers that we have rejected because they were not good enough for our breeding practice. These are hard choices because we have lost a lot of money a long the way to bring about the best cockapoos.

Pokagon Cockapoos.
Samson is our red AKC mini poodle. He is always happy! 
He is 19 lbs. and 14 inches at the shoulder. He is clear for PRA-prcd, Osteochondrodysplasia, patellar luxation, and heart.  
Here is Samson with his lamb cut that I tried to do. I'm not a good groomer like Shelley is, but I think he is cute anyway!
Gunnery is our dark red F1 cockapoo with a fleece coat. He is such a sweet little guy! He is 19 lbs. and 14 inches at the shoulder.  He is clear for PRA-prcd, PFK, patellar luxation, and heart.
Gunnery at the groomers after he got the works!  Below is an updated picture of him with full coat. 
Faith aka Gracie is our multi generational red/apricot colored cockapoo. She is 19 lbs. and 14 inches at her shoulder. She is fun and frisky outside, and docile inside. A loving dog! She is clear for patellar luxation, and heart.
She has gotten darker red as she gets older. As a pup she was lighter. Second picture is after she was groomed to a shorter coat.

Pepsi is our apricot multi generational cockapoo, She is athletic and always eager for what's next. She is athletic and demurely feminine all at once!

She is 26 lbs. and 16 inches at the shoulder.  She is clear for PRA-prcd, PFK, patellar luxation, and heart. She is our darkest apricot with liver points.

Pepsi is a very intelligent dog. She is easy to get a long with and loves to learn new things.
Charity is our red multi generational cockapoo. She is a loving baby. She stands 15 inches at the shoulder and is 23 lbs. She is clear for PRA-prcd, PFK, patellar luxation, and heart.
Charity is a great mom, and wants to mother all the other children as well! She has a very close relationship with me, and fancies herself as queen bee of the pac!
She, and Kitty, her pup are our darkest reds. 
Sudoku is our new f1b red cockapoo stud. He has a great temperament, and an amazing coat! He is friendly to all including the puppies! He especially likes our older studs. Major bromance going on! Haha! 
Beluga is our beautiful new momma from a previous Faith/Gunnery litter. She is very agile and athletic even though she is our smallest.
Cleared for PRA through parentage, and clear for patellar luxation, and heart.
Beluga is 17 lbs. and 14 inches. 
Kitty is our sweetie from a previous Charity/Samson litter. She has strong focus, and could have been a great dog for obedience training! 

Cleared for PRA through parentage, and clear for patellar luxation, and heart. 

Kitty is 26 lbs. and 15 inches.

Last, but not least, this is Hobbes, our full time house dog.

He is our neutered lap warmer, and puppy watcher. LOL!

Another breeder once asked me why I got him fixed since he is so cute. LOL! He is very cute, but he is also the perfect house pet since he is neutered! Never any trouble at all, and so smart and obedient! He has a very special bond with my husband who was raised with hunting dogs, and cattle dogs. 

He was kept from one of our litters 10 years ago before we knew about testing for genetic defects. He was never tested, but his parents were retired because of genetic defects. Now we know about testing and all of our breeding dogs must pass all of the tests so that puppies won't come with hidden defects. 

He has a shaved down (close cropped) coat in this picture which is what my husband prefers. 

Charity (in the back ground) and Pepsi (in the front) sitting pretty.