Paisley's first litter with our boy Watson were born on December 12, 2022.
Puppies will be ready to go home no sooner than February 6, 2022.

Paisley is a red f1 cockapoo in our guardian home program. She weighs 20 lbs. And Watson is our F1b cockapoo. He weighs 15 lbs.
Excellent temperaments and intelligence! Both are cleared genetically through Pawprint genetic testing to ensure that they are not passing down any breed specific inheritable diseases or defects.

Puppies are doing very well... getting big and learning about their amazing world around them! <3
They are surrounded by a loving family and their Aunt Penelope who watches Paisley to make sure she is raising her puppies right! ;)
Pictures below are at four weeks with the 'Lady' puppy toy.
The six week pictures are with 'woodland friends.'
Cherish is our red wavy coated tuxedo female. She is loving, and so smart!
We love these puppies! Cherish is adorable, laid back and she has a great attitude.

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Corazon is a little fella with a loving heart! His red sable coat looks like it will be thick, curly and soft.
He's so sweet! A true cockapoo gentleman!

Available! $2400

Desiree is a curly red tuxedo female. She is such a sweet heart!
She's a charmer!

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Esme is our beautiful red and white sweet baby girl!

The puppies are all close to the same size, but Cherish is slightly larger. She has a softly curling coat. 

She is the leader of the pack, and full of

Available female! $2400

Milo is everyone's favorite little baby boy. He's an adorable buff/apricot colored pup with a wavy coat.
He's a cuddly, very calm pup!

Available male! $2200

Let's not forget Paisley! She's such a pretty little cockapoo momma!