This litter is sold out.

Cockapoo puppies born Dec. 27 and ready to go home 2-21-18.

The vet visit went well, all pups were healthy, and of course got a lot of attention! LOL!

Pictures for week 7, and 8 posted below. 

Parents Faith, she is a multi generational F3b cockapoo. Gunnery has a non-shed f1 cockapoo coat.  

These pups should mature to the 16 to 23 lb. range. 

They are available to pet homes only with a strict spay/neuter contract unless we have a breeding agreement.


He was on hold, and his new family was not able to take him, so he is available again. 

Potty training is going great. He waits for me to let him out to potty. 

He likes to play with his toys, and his cocker spaniel friend, Ainsley.

He is a very loving and social puppy. He does not leave my side when we are outdoors except to do his business, or to run around with Ainsley.

Angus has a handsome, soft fleece coat of red/apricot, carmel colored fur. He is non-shed, and very soft, and fluffy. .....Sold

Angus is a handsome puppy. He is red/apricot. He is very healthy, and adorable. He has a great attitude! His temperament is loving and playful. He has great respect for people and other puppies.

18 - 23 lbs. full grown.

Angus is sold

He is going to be a part of the Steel family with a former pokagon cockapoos brother!

Guapo went home to his new family, and a former Pokagon Cockapoos puppy big brother! 

I asked them how the puppies are getting a long and they sent a video showing Guapo, now Solo, flipping his new big brother, Wookie off the couch, accidentally. They told me the pups get along great, and rest together, butt to butt. So cute!

Guapo is a handsome puppy! He is solid dark red. His coat is going to be more curly like the poodle side of the family. He is one of the smaller pups in the litter.  Smart and handsome all at the same time! 

Aprox. 18 - 23 lbs. full grown.

On hold for martin 

Valiente, now Baur, is being loved on in his new home in Indianapolis.

New family says he is dong great with potty training, and the vet says he's in tip top shape! 

Valiente is a sweet red male. He's pretty chill, and laid back. I look in on the  pups and there's three little pups with their heads resting on his back! 

He has a wavy coat and a white blaze on his chest. Mild mannered, and has that perfectly adorable cockapoo face!  19 - 24 lbs full grown.

Adopted by Emily N. 

Sweet Ferdinand was adopted by Jen.

The next day when I emailed she sent me this and the cute pic of Ferdinand/Fred in his new home. (He even has an instagram account!

"I was just going to email you! He's doing really well!! Was definitely timid first day and a little whiny but I only give attention when he was quiet/calm and he's already doing so much better and getting the hang of playing by himself sometimes. And today he's already being more playful and confident! He also went pee outside during the night everytime which I was so proud of (it was pouring one of those times). Still need to get him to poop out there (he used pee pad both times instead) but it was super muddy so I let it slide. Here are some pics!"

Isabella went home to live with her big brother, Chewabacca (a former Pokagon Cockapoos puppy), and the Nelson family in Ohio. 

Maquina has a curly fleece coat. He went home with the Bard Family to replace a former Pokagon Cockapoo that they had lost to a bad shot. 

Very emotional moment when they saw the new puppy that looked like their former dog. They had of course become very attached to their cockapoo over the years. Happy smiles, through the tears all around the room! 

Last but not least, Nina went home to live in Ohio.