Raising cockapoo puppies.

Our adult dogs are selected for excellent health, sweet disposition, and good looks. We run testing on them to ensure they are not passing down common health problems to the puppies, and we give them a mostly grain free diet and supplementation. They are provided shelter, plenty of exercise and TLC.

    The parents are given proper breaks from bearing puppies for good health.

     Puppies are raised gently by hand, and are given a schedule of wormer and nutritional supplementation as they grow.  

 The puppy apartment setup is used for early learning of the basics of potty training while retaining safety and health. This helps so much when we begin to take them out to potty when they are old enough.

At this time they begin to nibble puppy weaning food, and weaning is gently and naturally introduced over the span of 2 months. We are careful so that mom is not exhausted by the weaning process. We offer her extra nutrition, and pups get extra weaning food to discourage them from bullying mom for too much milk. We feel this is so important for the health of both mom, and pup as puppies begin to require more quantity of food, and fiber in their diets.

We have recently purchased a Horizon's kennel building to be used as an intermediary step to accomplish two things. First, the pups are introduced to a puppy litter box at the early stage where they begin to naturally learn about potty training. Second, the doggie doors provide a quick and easy out for Mom to take frequent breaks. (The doors are clear so that puppies can look out and see mom doing her business outside!) This has proven to be very healthy for our moms, and pups! I am still able to spend time with them to observe, and offer training to our puppies, and puppy dams. Among other things, I train the momma dog on how to train their pups to chose the proper place to put their potty. This is so much more helpful when we begin to implement this step at the tender age of 4 weeks!

    When the pups are about 7 wks. old, and weaned, we take them to visit the vet who gives them their final worming, shots, and checks them for health clearance to go to a new home.  

     At 8 to 9 wks. of age they are ready to be picked up by their excited new families! Or can be flown to their new families who live in other areas of the country.  

People ask us if we are sad when they leave. I think that is just normal. Yes, we get attached to these pups, but remember, we get to keep the mom and dad of your pup! I encourage my

clients to pick your new puppy up when he is 8 weeks so that bonding is begun as soon as possible.

Some of our pups are raised in our guardian homes. We are very picky about choosing guardian homes, but we are very happy with the program.