Raising cockapoo puppies.

Our adult dogs are selected for excellent health, sweet disposition, and good looks. We run testing on them to ensure they are not passing down common health problems to the puppies, and we give them a mostly grain free diet and supplementation. They are provided shelter, plenty of exercise and TLC.

    The parents are given proper breaks from bearing puppies for good health.

     Puppies are raised gently by hand, and are given a schedule of wormer and nutritional supplementation as they grow.  

 They are started in a puppy apartment setup for early learning of the basics of potty training while retaining safety and health at an early age. This helps so much when we begin to take them out to potty when they are old enough. At this time they begin to nibble puppy gruel, and weaning is gently and naturally introduced over the span of 2 months.

    When the pups are about 7 wks. old, and weaned, we take them to visit the vet who gives them their final worming, shots, and checks them for health clearance to go to a new home.  

     At 8 to 9 wks. of age they are ready to be picked up by their excited new families! Or can be flown to their new families who live in other areas of the country.  

People ask us if we are sad when they leave. I think that is just normal. Yes, we get attached to these pups, but remember, we get to keep the mom and dad of your pup!