Testimonials and pictures of puppies that have gone to great new homes. Thanks to everyone who sends me pics and updates! I really appreciate this so much! 

F1 cockapoo

Cyber now Milo is doing great! He’s so smart and loves his new home! He is potty trained and learning new tricks everyday!

We had to get the first par I shot again because the vet said it was given too early while still being breast fed. Here is a picture of him now!

Multi-generational cockapoo


I wanted you to know how happy Roxy (Adelphi) is these days. She is one very happy dog. We love her so much!  Our friends and neighbors comment how beautiful she is. She loved her walks and play time at the dog park. She loves to swim.

Barbara & Tim

Multi-generational cockapoo



I just wanted to reach out and tell you how much we love our puppy! Nash has been such and joy to have in our home. He is fully potty trained.... He is friendly around everyone he meets and loves to say hi to other dogs as well. 


He knows how to take all of his toys out of the toy box, and has even figured out how to get into his food stash a time or two. He is growing sooo fast. At his 3 month (and a few days) check up at the vet he weighed in at 12.0 lbs. Our big boy loves to run around and play all day, except for his 2-3 daily naps! He is also the biggest cuddle bug anytime we are on the couch or in bed.... 

Multi-generational cockapoo

Hello from California! Ollie is excited to meet his half sister—I believe Michelle is getting her puppy late this week. They met Ollie about a year ago and have had your information since then, waiting for the right time. 
Ollie continues to be the BEST dog and is loved by everyone. 
All the best!
Tom and Cathy Mantyla

Ollie continues to be awesome! He is 17 lbs. We can't go anywhere without someone stopping to ask "what kind of dog is that?!"  "OMG, that is the cutest dog I've ever seen!" Everyone comments about his beautiful color too!

Hope you will enjoy a pleasant summer--saw on your web-site your next litters will be planned for the fall.

Best regards,

Tom and Cathy Mantyla

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Wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
We love our precious Piper and are so thankful to have her in our lives! She brings us lots of joy!❤️
Susan, Brian, Ross and Serena

Multi-generational cockapoo

Hello there!  Sharing a picture for you.  This was a puppy we purchased from you, “Harvey”.  He was born in 12/21/2016, so he’s coming up on a year old soon.  We LOVE this dog.  He has been the sweetest, smartest, most fun dog we have ever had.  My girls love him and he has become a huge part of our family!  He potty trained SO FAST and is such a well behaved guy inside our house, and is eager to run with the kids outside.  Thank you so much for breeding such a great companion.  Love, The Osborn’s.  

Multi-generational cockapoo

Hi Kinetha,
We just wanted to send you a pic of Ryley's 1st Halloween with our family! 
(She's one of Charity & Gunnery's pups born 5/25/17)
Needless to say, she's been the best thing that's happened to us and we love her!
Thank you for having great litters!!

The Moorman Family

F1 cockapoo

Here is an update picture of Wynter - Now Angel and Kiley. They are becoming best of friends.

Multi-generational cockapoo

Hi, Kenetha!  
  I just wanted to send you an update on the puppy we got from you in July.  Penny (formerly Rory) is a very spirited and affectionate puppy.  Everyone always comments on her color and cuteness.  She is incredibly agile and flexible and loves to "dance" with our kids. She is very smart, and learns commands and tricks quickly! She is a very fun addition to our family!
Thank you,
Angela Azzato

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Hey Kenetha! 

Tucker is doing so well in Austin. He is such a cuddle bug and loves his new parents! He has not had a single accident in the house since we got him, and he will occasionally escape out of his play pen, but will not doing ANYTHING wrong in the house when he does. He's such an angel with an amazing temperament. You bred him well! We are super pleased. 

Thank you so so much!! 

Multi-generational cockapoo

"Hi Kenetha!  Just wanted to give you an update on Summer.  She has adjusted really well to our home and we love her so much!  She loves to play outside and is doing a great job with her potty training.  She just had her first visit to the vet and is in perfect health.  I am attaching some pictures for you.  Thanks you for giving her such a great start.  

Kristi "

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Are you the same Pokagon that used to be in Indiana?  if so, i bought my cockapoo from you.  i love max (nee Legend).  Everyone raves about him.  he is so smart.  he learned to read.


If you are the same from Indiana let me know.  id be happy to do a testimonial, send you a video of him reading.  and i loved to get him a step brother


Robert Himelfarb

Multi-generational cockapoo

Just wanted to share a pic of Molly in San Diego . She is doing extremely well and has 3 little girls that she completely adores. She has been a pleaseure to raise and is playful, smart and sweet. 

All the best

Rodriguez Family
Multi-generational cockapoo

Happy St Patrick's Day from the most handsome boy in California!
11.6 lbs at check up this past Monday. Doing just great!
Have a great day!
Tom, Cathy, and Oliver
Multi-generational cockapoo


He is doing well and getting to know his new house.  At night he sleeps in either his crate with the door open in the (super yard Classic 18 sq feet) or on one of his blankets or bed in there.  He has been eating/drinking well & doing well on he puppy pads and going potty outside.   I'm going to teach him to ring the bells by the door to the backyard when he needs to potty.  The last two nights he will sleep for about 2 hours then wake and whimper a little and I check on him and then when he feels secure and falls back asleep.  Misty our poodle has taken to him well she is very gentle around him.  I've been trying to get a good picture of them together that isn't blurry 😊.   Today I'm taking him to our vet for the checkup and I'll let you know how it goes.

Enjoy the pictures. (4 pictures)  & I'll send more soon

Our vet said he is in great health and has a very nice bone structure and at a good healthy weight.  He weighed 8lbs today.  Thanks for raising him 😃   Our groomer even came out to see him she said he was so sweet looking and his tail was wagging fast - too cute


F1 cockapoo

I adopted Grizzly formal known as Cardinal from y’all. I just wanted to say thank you so much. Grizzly has been such a great addition to our family. We love him so much and he’s such a loving dog.

Multi-generational cockapoo


I realized I've been so busy loving our new puppy that I haven't had a chance to thank you and let you know how he's doing! Sawyer, originally named Zacheus, is just the sweetest puppy. He's cuddly, playful, and everyone always wants to know what kind of puppy he is and where we got him whenever we take him out. When we picked him up from the airport he was scared but was his goofy sweet self by the next morning. I can not thank you enough because not only is he well tempered but he was practically potty trained the day we got him! I've attached a picture below of sawyer and I before a formal event I had to go to this weekend, he's growing so fast! Hope all is well and thank you for giving me my new best friend. :)

Multi-generational cockapoo

Here is a photo – they were so so so very happy.  Amazed that she is coming to live with us.  We are teaching them the rules with her they have been gentle.  She loves chasing her ball you sent!  Leilani/Indy has been very good - she has been using her potty area outside like a champ.  Thank you so much!

Hi there!

Our little puppy is doing great! He is a cuddle bug and loves to chase his tail in circles. The vet was amazed by his quality of health which is a testimony to you! Thank you for this healthy pup!

“Hey there! We picked up the puppy and he is a doll;-) He was very excited and acted like he was super happy to see us. No messes in his crate”

“We recently purchased a Cockapoo from Kenetha. We visited personally to their home twice, before bringing our new little girl home. She had all her vaccination records up-to-date, and our vet pronounced her very healthy, with a shiny coat and clear skin. This was Blue Berry's first litter (a roan cocker) and this little girl is just adorable, and adapting well. Kenetha answered all questions & emails promptly, and called to check in on our second day home. She loves her dogs,and it shows...they are happy and socialized. I would not hesitate to consult Kenetha during Kona's puppy days.I know she will be there :)” Sue

“Thought you might like to see a picture of "wide nose puppy"  --Jake  .  This picture is at 12 weeks. He is quite a character.  He is definitely not an Alpha.  He shows his belly to all the dogs in the neighborhood and has made friends with them all.  But, if I am a little too slow getting his food together, he doesn't hesitate to bark at me to tell me to get a move on.” 


“He is a really good puppy and does great in the crate! Slept all night without a fuss. I am getting ready to register him online now but am trying to come up with a good registered name. We ended up naming him something totally different. It is funny how it happened too. Hubby was "walking" through the house and this fuzz ball stays right at your feet, doesn't care who's feet either..lol.. Well he was tripping my husband and he said to the pup "oh your just a little tripper aren't you"... And I said, omg, that's it! So we named him Tripper..haha  I love it when names come about like that. Oh, I didn't get the pedigree yet, were you going to still email that to me? Thanks again, we love this cute butterball;-)” Karla

“All is well with Serina. It took us  a while but we did rename her Dexi. She is very smart and has already picked up a little training but we have more training still to do. I forgot to ask who her parents are? Obviously it didn't matter that much but I am curious.”

“Kenetha, just wanted to thank you. We have changed Purple's name to Cali.  She tolerated the 5+ hour road trip home and at each rest stop she knew to relieve herself, which impressed us a lot.  Her first night was not too bad and the second was great.  I'll send updated pictures later as she gets older.  There is one thing that I was wondering about, I would like to register her with the ACC and did not get a ACC Liter Registration Number, can you supply me with one?  Thank you again.”  Debbie Corne


“Hi, just a line. Flame has made himself right at home. eating good and terriorize the girls all the time. Uses the doggie door and the litter box out on my porch as i don't let them out in bad weather.. i have a 4 foot by 4 foot litter box that i clean twice a day. the porch isn't heated but they don't have to go put in the snow. Also wondering when you are sending the papers?“ “Linda ------  Hi Kenetha just a line to let you know i got Flames papers and have them ready to send out.”                 thank you, Linda

“We finally got Joseph and he is such a cute little puppy.  Lizi jumped around so much at the airport waiting for him she entertained the workers.  One of the guys had tears in his eyes because he said Lizi was so cute and excited about her puppy.  When she saw him she started screaming.  I was looking around to see whose child was screaming when I realized it was mine, lol.  She and I went together to get him. Kenetha, thanks so much for providing us with such a great addition.  He is sooo incredibly cute and sweet. I really am happy that we got him from you.  I'm sure Lizi will keep you posted on his progress.”  Ariane -----  Hi Kenetha, I hope all is well with you.  We are thoroughly enjoying Noah.  He is a great puppy.  He listens and he's very friendly and has the best disposition!  He is a joy to the neighborhood.  Lizi wants to enter him in some local puppy shows.

I have several people that have fallen in love with Jo and would love to do business with you.  Two people want male dogs and said you had no more on your website.  Can you predict when your next puppies will be here? I hope to hear from you soon!”