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Testimonials and pictures of puppies that have gone to great new homes. Thanks to everyone who sends me pics and updates! I really appreciate this so much!
Well we were actually talking and decided maybe around the spring would be the best time for a puppy if that will work out with You? Only because we have a few vacations before my classes start up again, half of which chopper will be attending. Here's some pictures of the little monster, by the way. I hope you get them this time! He was Caleb when you had him if you remember him. He has a angel kiss on his forehead :)

Hey Kenetha! 

Tucker is doing so well in Austin. He is such a cuddle bug and loves his new parents! He has not had a single accident in the house since we got him, and he will occasionally escape out of his play pen, but will not doing ANYTHING wrong in the house when he does. He's such an angel with an amazing temperament. You bred him well! We are super pleased. 

Thank you so so much!!

Here's a new picture of Tucker. He is growing up so fast!

Kenetha, I can’t believe we’ve had Cooper for five months!  We love him to pieces, he is the best puppy ever!!  Everyone loves him, family, neighbors, and strangers!  When walking in our neighborhood I’ve actually had a car stop to tell me how cute he is!  The entire neighborhood loves him and knows him by name.  I can’t teach him to stop jumping on people because everyone calls him to start playing as soon as they see him.  He just can’t control himself around people and other dogs he just LOVES TO PLAY! One neighbor put it best, he said Cooper has a “great personality”.   Cooper has been amazing with our grandchildren, the 5 year old and two granddaughters who are one and two years old.  You’ll see in some of the attached pictures. 


Training was so easy, he was housebroken in a couple of weeks with very few accidents.  He’s very smart, he can sit, down, wait, and he can even heel without a leash (till a person or dog distracts him)!  His least favorite command is  “place” which I use to settle him down, place means  go to his bed, you’ll see in one of the pictures that being “placed” makes him very sad, but so cute! 


He’s had all of his shots, and been neutered and the vet says Cooper is in perfect health! 


In all regards he’s an awesome puppy!  Just thought you’d like to know how he (and we) were doing with him as our new addition to our family!  Thank you!



Deb Rose


Hi Kenetha!

Happy Holidays from Hamilton! (formerly known as Hansel, born 12/21/16)

Hamilton has adjusted quite well to his southern life and has quickly become the heart of our household. As you may remember Hamilton was a submissive love bug as a puppy and he is pretty much still the same. He demands that people shower him with belly rubs and has done well with both other dogs of various sizes and humans. Please accept my sincerest apologies for not getting pictures over to you sooner, but here’s a bunch for you!


Hi to my first mommy, sorry I haven't been in touch but I have been sooooooo busy in my new life.  I really like my new mom, we spend lots and lots of time together playing, going to the dog park, seeing my cousins in the hill country and oh yeah, I even have a job.  I work at her office everyday, my tittle is HR and even have my own little office.  It's so much fun, everyone comes back to my office for snacks and coffee and I'll give them a cuddle, cause that's what HR does!


My new mom is so proud of me, she tells everyone how smart and friendly I am, we might even look into me being a therapy dog cause I truly love everybody I meet and just want them to pet me.  I work really hard to please her and make her life easy...I don't chew on anything that I'm not suppose, potty training was a breeze, I come when called (most of the time) and even have a few tricks up my sleeve that I do to make people smile.


Here are some photos of me that I feel really show my charming side. I hope all is well with you and I will write again soon.  


with love, Barnaby Finn




We just wanted to share Sadie’s one year birthday photo. She was the runt of Charity’s August 2018 litter and spent her nursing time with Pepsi. She’s all grown up now!

She is so wonderful and happy and fun and smart!! We love her.

Sandy and Bill

Our Christmas morning surprise went perfectly! Rex is the sweetest little puppy and we’re all in love with him. He’s great with my kids, he’s doing great potty training and sleeps in his crate all night. Thanks again!



Hi Kenetha!


Happy New Year!  Hope you and your family are enjoying a wonderful holiday season.


Just wanted to send you some picks of Elfie.  We are calling him Harry because of he is our prince (although my husband is prone to calling him “drumstick” because he looks like fried chicken!).


Harry has really been a great addition to our family.  His temperament is excellent and he is very smart!  He knows most of his basic commands (which we are working to reinforce) and has even learned to ring his potty bells to let us know he needs to go outside.


You did a great job socializing him because he is so friendly with people and other dogs and loves to explore.  Thank you for raising such a wonderful puppy!




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We’re totally obsessed with our Maisey. She’s such a little fireball, so much personality. She continues to get all of the attention from everyone she passes,  which she LOVES- never has met a stranger. She loves going on walks, plays fetch, and still mingling with small or big dogs. My husband and I love her so much, she’s been such a joy to spoil.

Just wanted to share some pictures and her growth.

Crystal M.

Hi Kenetha,


We've had Sadie (formerly Makana) for about 5 weeks now and wanted to provide some pictures as an update. We've loved having her especially during this unusual time when we're stuck at home. It's been great for potty training and quality time!


Here’s some pics of her as she’s growing - she’s certainly been a ball of energy!

I wanted to send you some photos of Duke(Barkley) and Ollie (Bentley) from Penelope’s April 2020 litter.  Ollie is the sweetest pupper I’ve ever owned.  Duke is wicked smart and can open doors, stay on complex tasks, and just rules my parents house.  He is one spoiled pupper.  Ollie kept his dark coat, silky smooth and Duke went grey.

Ollie is just a tad smaller than Duke.  He put on a little weight after we neutered him in June.  He was 24 lbs and now is around 26 lbs.   We are giving him a little less kibble.  Duke is 30 lbs.   He’s a little portly because my aunt spoils him with treats and my mom makes him an egg and cheese omelette every morning.  But they are working on giving him less treats and only one egg omelette every morning (he’s so spoiled). 

And they both act like hunting dogs…if they track something they will stop and point with one little paw up and their tail straight out and just sit waiting for the bunny/bird to move…