Waiting list.

We are expecting to have some f1b cockapoo puppies available in the fall of 2022. Expecting a variety of colors. They should be 16 to 22 lbs full grown.

Also expecting f2b cockapoo puppies available in the fall of 2022. Expecting a variety of red, apricot, and buff. The puppies from this litter should be in the 18 to 26 lb. range full grown.


Our puppies are generally $2500 - $3500.

Please include your preferences when you contact me. Thanks.

We are going to start selection process as soon as puppies are born, and we work through our list. If someone on the list does not respond within 24 hours, we move on.

We do not ship our puppies.

We require a $100 deposit for our wait list. An additional $400 is required at two weeks of age when selections will be made.

All deposits go towards the final price.

Deposits are non-refundable, but can be rolled over to the next litter if you cannot decide on a puppy. 

Please note - We have withdrawn our shipping option at this time because of reports of animal abuse at the airport. 

If you pickup here, you can pay in cash at the time of pickup, or you can make prior arrangements for payment if you are hiring a transporter.
Note: We do not have pups available at all times. Sometimes we take a break from breeding, and our breeding dogs are given time off as well.

If you have a specific time frame, please
let me know what time period you are looking to bring your puppy home before you send your deposit. Thanks.

We are opening our wait list.
If you have sent us a deposit in the past, and are still waiting, please contact me! I would be glad to add your name on here along with preferences. (If you don't see a preference beside your name, please send me an update.)
If you have bought a puppy elsewhere because you were not willing to wait, please let me know so I can remove your name. 
Thank you.  

1. Greg W.

2. Janis Y.

3. M. Yoakum - Female/Autumn time

4. B. Paikoff - Red, either sex Autumn time

5. R. Lloyd -